Profiling is something that all pro hockey players do. It’s a way of customizing the blade of your skate, which is the single most important part of your skate. Profiling is grinding and shaping the "rocker" radius of the skate blade. Think of a rocking chair and the shape of the rocker. If you change the rocker's curve, the chair will either rock faster or slower depending on how it is shaped. If you alter a skate's rocker, it's performance will change as well.

Hockey skate blades do come from the factory with a generic rocker radius, sometimes 9 foot, or 11 foot, and others. To better understand what I mean by radius in "feet" and how that applies to skates, lets look at a 11' radius and what that means. Think of a big hula hoop, one that has a 11' radius circle. If you stood it up straight on end, there would be a portion of the hoop that touches the ground. In essence, this is the surface contact area of that 11' radius circle. If you were to make the radius smaller (like that of a real hula-hoop, then less area would be touching the ground. Make it bigger, and more would touch. That's basically what we do to the shape of your blade, make it bigger or smaller to have more or less blade touching the ice.

Radiusing (also called Profiling and Contouring) is a proven process that allows you to select exactly how much blade is in contact with the ice. More blade = faster speeds and more stability; less blade = easier pivot, turns, and agility.


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A blade shape that is not right for your style and stance can cause muscle fatigue, reduced skating efficiency, and less power for shooting and passing. It's all about proper body balance.

Skate blades can be profiled to improve speed, turning and stability. If you watch the best skaters in Europe and the NHL, you'll notice they all have a low body stance. This deep knee bend or "sitting" posture is essential to achieving the proper bio-mechanical skating movements that will give you maximum performance in your stride, balance and full power during the leg extension. The proper profile, pitch and pivot point on your skate is critical in allowing you to perform the skating maneuvers that will give you an edge over your opponents. This includes quick edge work and pivots, mohawks, and the ability to shift between inside and outside edges on demand.

The Pitch of the blade is another very important part of how a skate feels and performs. When you get a custom radius, or a custom combination radius, the pitch
settings can be adjusted. Pitch is the angle in which the blades lean toward the ice. It can be forward, neutral or reverse.

A lot of factors are used to determine what proper pitch setting a skater should have. Pitch is critical because not only does it effect skating, but also body balance. If your balance is off, you'll have a poor stride. Pitch on the skates helps the knees unlock and to drop in the proper skating stance (90 degree knee bend with knees 2" forward of the skates.) In addition, if pitch is too far to the rear (a factory configuration for some model skates), you'll lose ability to accelerate. Believe it or not, the pitch of your skates also effects passing, shooting and checking. Pitch is one of the most critical components in equipment configurations.

The problem with any skater is balancing maneuverability with speed. A longer flatter blade allows for greater gliding with less effort and more returned energy, but sacrifices grip needed for quicker, shorter movements. In contrast, a shorter blade provides a superior turning radius and generates greater immediate power because of increased friction but decreases gliding. With a ProSharp profile, you can get the best of both worlds through variable profiles.


• More power and more glide in each stride

• Improved edge control, balance, and agility

• Improved edge control, balance, stability, and agility

• Results in less fatigue and improved speed and endurance

Get the exact balance point and variable profile to fit your stride. To help you find your perfect profile, start with the provided chart or contact Jason.

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