Hey, we are Brodie Coffin and Justin Hughes, two lads from Prince Edward Island with a passion for creativity and abusing our buds— creativity and torturing our friends makes us happy. We truly believe in the transformative power of original illustration and design, karma, honesty and good ol’ ham and egg style hockey players. We started this business to create cool, custom, apparel designs for our business partners, friends and hopefully someone like yourself. Good design and good relationships come from collaboration and collaboration is why RMB is one giant pumpkin above the rest of the players in this league.

What’s RMB stand for? Well, we’re happy you asked. RMB stands for Red Mud Buds. Pretty simple really. We’re two buds that live on an island covered in Red Mud.


Brodie started his career as a professional hockey player where he battled his way to a championship, broken orbital bone, fractured vertebrae, two shoulder surgeries and countless scars. The self-proclaimed “ham and egger” spent most of his hockey career in the dirty areas as well as giving and taking punches to the head (click here for evidence). Though his hamster has been knocked off its wheel a few times it still runs at 100 miles an hour which contributes to Brodie’s mad scientist creativity. His metrosexual lifestyle helps him stay on top of the latest fashion trends and best clothing options. The only thing stronger than the threads that hold Brodie’s skinny jeans together is the love he has for his wife and kids.




 Benevolent, charitable, self-sacrificing, compassionate, merciful, tenderhearted, giving, generous to a fault, "He'll give you the shirt off his back, although he probably shouldn’t;) Justin has had a permanent beard for the past 7 years; need we say more? We think that he has a bum chin which explains his reluctancy to shave. Justin made up for a below average goalie career with an above average wife and two beauties for kids. Justin is the designer in the partnership and good designs are good for business.