Redesign vs Refresh

1. Has your business changed?

More than pizza, Domino’s updated its highly recognizable logo to reflect additions to its menu offerings. Maybe you’ve recently added an entire line of new products or you’ve expanded your store or added many new employees to your roster. If your business has expanded or changed in any way, it may be time to consider changing your logo, too.

2. Are you speaking to a new audience?

You have an established customer base that’s loyal and amazing, but you’re ready to speak to younger consumers as well. A logo redesign may be just what the branding doctor ordered. Play it right and your new logo will help you connect with a new audience and still maintain your customer base.

3. Do you have new competition?

You were at the top of your game, the best in your industry and now, suddenly, you’ve got some serious competition. You can feel intimidated or you can stand up tall and fight for your place. A logo redesign can help by showing your existing customers that you’re modern and up-to-date and prospective customers that you are worthy of being considered.

4. Have your brand’s values or mission changed?

As your business grows, it may naturally evolve. If you are discovering that your company’s personality is different from when you first started, your logo should reflect these changes.

5. Is your logo dated?

It’s a simple and obvious question, but one that’s worth asking. If your logo was created in the 80s it may be time to enter the modern era. Not only is the aesthetic tired, but the design is probably not compatible with the myriad of technological devices that will be showcasing your logo on mobile devices, tablets and the like.

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